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Ensure the salary package you're offering your tech teams stays competitive with benchmarking, trends and projections based on analysis of 10 million jobs. Get yours today.

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Data from 2.7 million jobs posted last year on reed.co.uk, 
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The past 3 years’ worth of data, plus a 2021 projection to help you plan for this year and beyond

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Our specialism experts have provided key insight into each industry, discussing the local job landscape

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HR salaries in this free guide include:

L&D Manager

Recruitment Manager

HR Advisor

HR Business Partner

HR Manager

HR Administrator

HR Director

Internal Recruiter

I hope that our salary guides will help you make informed decisions over the next 12 months, whether it be helping you to decide on the strategy and direction your organisation takes or indeed your next career move.

James Reed
Chairman, REED